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Should we bother about the election results??

As a trader or investor we must not bother much about the events , though we believe that it has greater  impact on the equity market .We believe that price discounts everything except the act of god , so one must continue to hold quality stocks and may not care about any events in the market . In our last report we mentioned  that we believe that the Bank , Oil and Energy sectors may get support and Pharma and Auto may correct , and we witnessed the same .
We continue to believe that the market may show its strength and it will digest the resultant impact. We don’t see a huge movement on either side , we believe that upside is capped at 6440-6500 and 5700-5600 on the lower side . And the market is in a mood to consolidate for some more month.

We see many multi bagger opportunities and we request our reader not to miss it for the sake of trading activity . We suggest our trader to reduce their trading activity and be focused on the selecting quality stocks , we will give our best to find such opportunity .
We suggest our readers not to participate on event day , so that, can build a strategy for next trading sessions.
We may not recommend trading in nifty in the coming week , but can buy near 6115 if it comes  with the stop loss of  6059 for the target of 6172-6203-6250.

Last week update (nifty sopt level)
1. We recommend to buy nifty with the sl of 6088 and we have achieved the target of 6263.
2.  We have also recommended to sell nifty (risky trader) near 6290 sl 6315 tgt 6214 , it has exactly taken resistance at 6300 and corrected till 6232.

So for this week (spot level)

Can buy near 6115 if it comes with the sl of 6059 for the tgt of 6172-6203-6250.

Stock update (spot level)

1. We have recommended to buy Rec to buy with sl of 217 tgt 236 it has made a high of 231 and sl is still intact so our call is still active.
2.We have recommended to buy cipla in the the range of 385-378 stop loss 372 target 409-415 and call is still active.
3.We have recommended to  Buy sbi with the stop loss of 1747 for the target of 1885-1955 and it has made high of 1882 and call is active .
4.We  have achieved our target on coal india
5. We have also recommended NTPC with the stop loss of 144 for the target of 160 is still active.
As our most of the calls are active we are not recommending new picks for the current week.
6. We have seen a strong pattern on the kalpataru power so the only new pick for the week is to accumulate it till 88 sl 84 tgt 105-115

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Time to select portfolio Betts

Time to select portfolio Betts

Nifty is not moving anywhere it is in the narrow range of 5700-6300. Every time it reaches 6300 it gets supply pressure and 5700-5900 has become demand zone.
Nothing but a straddle scenario , it means a majority is not aware of nifty trend and feels it may consolidate, and yes it is good as long it takes time to consolidate .
Why so,? Because as long as it consolidates we may see the powerful break out or break down vice versa.

As we have always advised our readers to go for portfolio buy instead of trading, which has given the best outcome?
We have been successful in building our wealth form our top picks like, TATA steel , DCB, PTC, YESBANK , PFC, REC etc. Even in sluggish market.
We feel the market may remain range bound till Jan 2014 and we might see break out in mid of Feb 2014.

Please note that timing the market is not an easy task, it is purely based on our understanding and logic and may differ.

So we request our readers to select best stock and go with investor mentality, the current scenario is not traders market, there are lots of multi bagger opportunity .
We recommend Canara bank as multi bagger stock accumulate in the range of 210-270 for 200% return, maybe in a span of 3 years.

Nifty update (spot level)

1.    We recommended to buy nifty for the target of 6112 , we achieved it successfully.
2.    We also recommended to sell nifty in the range of 61187-6126 for the target of 6055-6012-5980 , we achieved  6055.

So for this week ( spot level)

1.    Nifty will be in the range of 6025-6350
2.    On Monday buy nifty with the stop loss of 6088 target 6207and above 6212 we may test 6247-6263.
3.    We may face resistance at 6288.
4.    6095-6025 in no trading zone
5.    Sell only below 6025 with stop loss of 6095 target 5975-5940
6.    Risky trader may take risk to sell near 6290 with stop loss o0f 6315 closing basis for the target of 6214.

So stocks for the week

1.    Buy rec with the stop loss of 217 target 236-241

2.    Buy cipla in the range of 385-378 stop loss 372 target 409-415

3.    Buy sbi with the stop loss of 1747 for the target of 1885-1955

4.    Buy atul with the stop loss of 400 for the target of 427-440-459

5.    We have recommended coal  India to buy with the stop loss of 262 for the target of 278-285 is still active

6.    We have also recommended NTPC with the stop loss of 144 for the target of 160 is still active.
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Nfty update


1. Nifty has taken support of 5972 .
2. Nifty Has bounced 6115 but i would say bull and bears will be still in doubt or deli-ma.
3. On 20-11-2013 we had witness fast drift in nifty ie from 6204-5972 and we  believe this up move is part of pull back and nifty has close at 61.8% retracement from 6204-5972 .

so for 26-11-2013
Above 6124 one can buy for 6139-6159-6166   stop loss 6084

Nifty will be weak only below 6082 so sell below 6080 tgt 6064-6045-6036  stop loss 6124

no trading zone is 6084-6124

Stock :
Buy Baja auto at opening sl 1936 tgt 1958-1968.
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nifty Alert 19-11-2013

CMP (6199)  time 11:00 AM

We are near buyer cautious zone 6215 may act as resistance , nifty premium giving alert signal long holders trail sl to 6186 cash level intraday basis do not wait till close.

As the trend is up selling on positional basis is not recommend
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Nifty Update

Nifty Update : 18-11-2013

1.On 14-11-2013 we recommended to carry long if nifty closes at or above 6057 and  it did give the exact close.
2.Our rationale behind carrying the long position was Game changer hammer on 60 minutes time frame .
3.We may find resistance at 6202 -6211as 61.8% according to Fibonacci retracement .
4. As of now one can hold long position with 6154 as trialing sl on closing basis .
5.We are also facing channel  resistance on 60 min time frame ,but nifty may find too many support on lower level.
6.Nifty may find support at 6165-6155 below which it may test 6133-6080
7. Resistance at 6202 -6207 above which it may test 6219-6243
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