Our mission is to provide the quality knowledge to our audience and make them financially independent to earn for their living at competent price.

Logo :-

  • We believe that one can reap returns on their investments only by following the market trend. 
  • We at Be With Trend guide, train and support our audience to monetize the ongoing trend by following the market. 
who we are ? :-
  • We are not tip providers. 
  • We are trainers having expertise in technical analysis. 
  • We help investors , traders and analysts  to take logical decision and to protect their capital .
  • We also help all  classes  of market participant to design the trading set up which suits their  personality.
  • We accept fees only to provide training in the field of technical analysis.
  • Any member of our group (Be with the trend) will not charge to share their views on stocks , index , commodities or currency posted  on our website (www.bewithtrend.com)
  • We may or may not charge to an individual who approach us to solve their personal queries on specific stock or portfolio, other than the views posted on the website.